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August 2023

Dr Fran Doyle was quoted in a Listnr article entitled 'How much screen time is too much screen time?' following her feature on Season 2 of the BabyLab podcast.


August 2023

Dr Fran Doyle wrote an article for The Conversation entitled 'It’s Book Week but your child is too anxious to take part. 5 expert tips to save the day'. It was also published on The Bursar, The Mirage, EveningReport.NZ , Yahoo! Lifestyle, Child Mags and others. 

August 2023

As a BabyLab expert, I recently had a chat on the BabyLab podcast with Emma Watkins about the use of screen time for infants. Listen here!


2022 - onwards

Dr Fran Doyle supports the ‘End Physical Punishment of Australian Children’ campaign. The campaign ‘End Physical Punishment of Australian Children’ (EPPAC) is made up of child advocates, academics and not for profits under the auspices of the Parenting and Family Research Alliance (PAFRA) that is advocating for children to have the same rights to protection from violence as adults.

Tire Swing

November 2022

Dr Fran Doyle speaks on the 'Feed Play Love' podcast with Shevonne Hunt about helping children to manage phobias

April 2022

The Daily Telegraph reported on academic coaching classes for toddlers. Dr Frances Doyle is quoted saying parents should try to give their children as many opportunities to play instead. This article was syndicated by Herald Sun and 4 other outlets.

Railroad Set

February 2022

Media article quoting Dr Fran Doyle released in The Catholic Weekly entitled 'Parents need more support around mental health'

Family Walking
Prevention collaborative.png

February 2022

The Prevention Collaborative announced on Twitter that they have added my recent paper on evidence-based parenting support to their Knowledge Hub. Visit it here.

February 2022

Dr Fran Doyle and Professor Darryl Higgins were recently quoted in a media release from Australian Catholic University about their work on promoting the benefits of evidence-based parenting supports. Read the media release here

Stack of Newspapers

January 2022

Image by Souvik Banerjee

January 2022

The Institute of Child Protection Studies at ACU recently posted on LinkedIn about my first-author paper that highlights the benefits for evidence-based parenting supports. Read the posts here and hereRead the paper here.

January, 2022

Our newest article discusses the benefits of evidence-based parenting supports for children, parents, and communities. We believe that policy makers need to provide parents with better access to parenting supports. Read it. See our summary.


December 2021

We looked at 255 infants’ arousal during a structured mother-infant interaction task. Read it.

December 2021

The Ingham Institute's 2021 Early Career Researcher Award was awarded to Dr Frances Doyle. Watch it.


October 2021

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in childhood. In this study (n = 86), we aimed to prevent the development of anxiety disorders for children at risk using an early intervention program that was adapted from The Cool Little Kids program. Read it

November 2021

Parramatta City Library invited Dr Frances Doyle, Dr Ruth Brookman, and Dr Sandra Garrido from the MARCS Institute to present a webinar on Supporting Wellbeing and Mental Health Across the Lifespan. Watch it

Colorful Books
Cute Baby

December 2021

Some children and adults look at angry and scared faces more than faces showing positive emotions. We wanted to know if infants do the same thing. But, our group of 151 infants didn't! Read it

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