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My Research

Promoting mental health in infancy and childhood

My research examines the early detection, prevention, and treatment of mental health problems in infancy and childhood with the aim to promote wellbeing across the lifespan.

Recently, my research has been investigating infants’ socio-emotional attention, psycho-physiological responses, and evaluative conditioning, and how these processes relate to child wellbeing and mental health. 

I advocate for policies that increase access to evidence-based interventions to optimise child wellbeing.

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, practitioners, and industry partners to pursue shared and complementary interests. I am available for media commentary. Contact me on

See my publications listed here or have a look at my Google Scholar

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Image by Christian Bowen

Pathways to socio-emotional wellbeing: Examining the role of attention, psycho-physiological responding, and temperament in infancy

Family in the Park

Growing Minds Australia

Mother and a Child

'Watch Me Grow for REAL' study

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