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Research Team Members & Research Students

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Samudra Radhakrishnan

Research Assistant

Samudra is a Research Assistant involved in the research project looking at pathways to socio-emotional wellbeing through examining the role of attention, psycho-physiological responding, and temperament in infancy. She is currently studying her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is a Provisional Psychologist. Samudra has experience working with kids of all ages and she is passionate about infant, child and youth mental health. She is looking to improve the wellbeing of children, parents and families for future generations to come.

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Patrick Adam

Research Assistant

Patrick is a research assistant working to progress various research projects. He is currently completing his Combined Master of Clinical Psychology / PhD in Psychology.

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Louis Klein

Research Assistant

Louis is a research assistant working to progress various research projects. He is an expert in statistical analysis. He is currently completing his PhD.

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Research Students

  • Patrick Adam (Combined Master of Clinical Psychology / PhD Candidate) is examining social and emotional development in childhood.

  • 2023: Four honours students and 8 Master of Clinical Psychology student are conducting studies, including with partners (Westmead Hospital).

  • 2022 students' thesis topics included:

    • Master of Clinical Psychology: Assessing the Role of Negative Affect and Maternal Anxiety on Infants’ Attention Bias to Threat

    • Honours: Examining Initiating Joint Attention in Infancy Using Eye-Tracking Technology ​

    • Honours: Investigating the Role of Temperamental Surgency on Infant’s Attention Biases

    • Honours: Use of Multimodal Cues in the Initiation of Joint Attention Among Culturally Diverse Mother-Toddler Dyads

    • Honours: Open Ended Language’s Impact on Language Acquisition in A Low Socio-Economic, Culturally Diverse Sample

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Undergraduate Interns

After a highly competitive process in 2022, two paid interns have joined the team to be able to progress research with our team. These students are currently completing their undergraduate studies.

2023: We are currently recruiting 3 Western Sydney University undergraduate interns (paid) to complete Winter scholarship research projects with an industry partner (Westmead Hospital).

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